Weider Mega Mass 4000

6,500.00 4,999.00

This is a Non-vegetarian product.
  • Calories=400kcal, Protein=26g, Fat=6g, Carbohydrates=60g, Salt=300mg, Potassium=180mg, Calcium=200mg, Iron=4mg, Phosphorus=195mg, Magnesium=17mg, Creatine Monohydrate Powder=1g
  • Advanced Protein Matrix
  • Anabolic Mass Gainer

Weider Mega Mass 4000

It is a lean muscle mass gainer which helps in gaining lean muscle mass for bodybuilders.

It also contains lot of vitamins and minerals which helps in fast recovery of an athletes. It has a different blend of protein, carbs , fats , vitamins .


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