Weider Liquid Amino Power

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  • contains, l leucine, taurine ,hydrolysed protein,
  • the power of vitamin b6 also included
  • 100% aspartame free liquid
  • the good taste of cranberry flavor
  • serving size per servings 45 ml

Weider Liquid Amino Power

Weider Liquid Amnio Power is 23 gm of pure protein. It is a complete amnio acid profile. It has 1000 ml and approx 66 servings. Weider is 80 year old brand and founded by JOE Weider the Father of body building. Weider Liquid Amnio Power contains l- lucine, hydrolysed Protein and Taurine. It also include vitamin B-6, also contains zero fat. It has 51 grams of protein per 100ml.

Weider Liquid Amino Power Flavors 
  • Cranberry
  • Cola
  • Mandarine

Direction to use

Take 3 servings of 15 ml per day =45 ml.

Best time to take one serving 15ml before workout, 2 servings 30ml after workout.

Weider is well recognised brand in bodybuilding industry.

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