Insane Labz Psychotic Gold

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  • Elite Energy & Focus!
  • Limitless Endurance!
  • Insane Pumps!
  • Crash Free!

Insane Labz Psychotic Gold

Insane Labz Psychotic Gold –  Pre-Workout Powerhouse! Increases Mental Focus, Increases Muscle Performance, limitess strength. , This has  addresses energy on several levels. Mental focus, muscle performance, and overall endurance. Jacked up with a number of proven ingredients that are ideal for pre-workout For Bodybuilding. Psychotic Gold is one hell of a performance accelerator. Psychotic has  substances that helps to increase exercise endurance and add a huge dose of energy.


 Psychotic GOLD Blend 4234mg Beta alanine, L-citrulline malate, agmatine sulfate, caffeine. Anhydrous, DMAE bitartrate, caffeine citrate, AMPiberry, Oxygold, rauwolfia vomitoria extract.

ACTIVE INGREDIENT : Beta-Alanine, Citrulline Malate 2: 1, Agmatine, Citrate Caffeine, Ampiberry, Rauwolfia Vomitoria Extract (Alpha Yohimbine Rootbark)

Direction To Use

 Taken 20 to 30 minutes before your workout. Start with half scoop in the starting phase that increase the dosage according to your tolerance. Don’t exceed the recommended dosage. Avoid Taking before  6 hours to bed.


Don’t use  Psychotic product if your below 18 years old. If you have any medical condition consult your doctor before consuming it.


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