Avvtar L-Glutamine

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This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Glutamine is a naturally occurring amino acid that essentially aids the body’s natural process of Muscle tissue repair and recovery. It is one of the most abundantly occurring amino acid in human body.
  • Avvatar L- glutamine supplementation enhances the existing levels of glutamine and improves the body’s adaptation to intense exercise.
  • Enhances recovery- During periods of intense exercises bodys naturally occurring glutamine levels can fall short, supplementation can helps enhance the process of recovery thereby reducing the process of catabolism (muscle breakdown) in the body.
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Avvtar L-Glutamine

Avvtar L-glutamine is an essential amnio acid.

L-Glutamine helps to gain lean muscle mass. In bodybuilding glutamine improve muscle strength. It promotes fast recovery and also maximaze the strength.

Direction to use:

Highly recommended

  • Either take early morning empty stomach 5gm.
  • For best results use immediately before and  after your workout.

Avvtar L-Glutamine Benefits:

Glutamine is a amnio acid which our body doesn’t able to produce itself so we have to use as a supplement. Glutamine is a Vegetarian product.  It reduces the process of  (muscle breakdown) and promotes in muscle growth.

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